Episode 7 - Wedding Dress Shopping from a Minimalist Perspective


Enter my world of wedding preparations as I decide on the dress. There are many avenues to consider, including not buying one at all. In the end, my only goal is to do no harm - to myself, or others. Many questions are raised, and few are answered as I try to solve the single-use dress dilemma.

It is a difficult sea to navigate, and I'm here to provide some insight - as this will be my second time around. After listening, if you are interested in a few beginning options to consider when looking, I have provided a list that I also will be utilizing as I decide. Good luck with your journey, and listen to your heart. Or, if you are not a future bride, and just happen to be interested in listening to my stuff, forget the dress part and just begin considering where your clothes come from and how spending your money impacts the outcome of the entire world. 

Don't support suffering. Just don't. 

As promised, here is a list of options I think would be great for dresses:

1. Rent the Runway : https://www.renttherunway.com

It isn't a keepsake, but we all know you can't take it with you in the end. RENTALS! This is a fantastic option - especially for us bus or van dwellers. Look fantastic, then get rid of another thing you would just need to worry about. 

2. Adorned in Grace : http://www.adornedingrace.org/

I am conveniently located in Portland, Oregon, but you can also donate any dress you happen to buy. All proceeds go towards raising awareness and prevention of sex trafficking and supporting at-risk youth. 

3. Brides for a Cause : http://bridesforacause.com/

Now, if you are looking for a traditional wedding dress, this is a great site. They have tons of great designers, great prices, and you can donate the dress back after. I'll be scanning their inventory - but chances are, I'm going to be a bit less traditional. 

4. Not wearing a dress at all. 

This is my favorite option. Focusing on handcrafted, local designers, or even second hand, I am going to piece together some kind of unique combo that will scream, "She's getting married?!" When you toss out all the traditions, anything is possible!

Enjoy the process, and I hope this helps!