15 October 2018

Happiness comes from adaptability. I am learning that if I am happy today, I tend to want to repeat it. I want my happiness to become routine, or guaranteed - leaving me stressed if it doesn't happen every day. But, nothing is guaranteed. Each moment in life will be different than the last, and it is our ability to be adaptable, to take it as it comes, and not have expectations on what each moment should be that allows us to reach happiness. 
We often don't know where we will park the bus, or if we'll have a shower, or where to get water. It took time for me to let those concerns about the future go. I spent months worrying about the following week, or the week after, trying to establish a routine. The routine never arrived, and the stress never helped. 
I don't need to concern myself with the future. If we need water, we will get it. If we need sleep, we'll find a spot. Our adaptability allows us to appreciate when we get what we need each day, and to not control tomorrow.