14 September 2018

I am happy with the updates to the site. Feeling more inspired to keep creating. Sometimes things just need tidying up to get back on track. Organizing a giant mass of thoughts into a cohesive format has taken more time than I anticipated. But, it also took Cody and I a year to get the bus converted into a comfortable space. These things take time. 

The next phase of the process is to dial back...but also no. I have this thought that my creativity is stretched between too many mediums - that I need to concentrate it down to maybe two. I do have a lot of interests. I want to be taking photos, writing, drawing, and podcasting. But, I can't decide which of those should go. I enjoy doing all of them. And, yes, I don't possibly have enough time in addition to a full time job, school, and music, so of course I am not keeping up as much as I would like.

Each morning I meditate for 20 minutes. I really have to. My creativity explodes in the morning, so much so that I have a tendency to get overwhelmed and stress, then angry about how far behind I feel. Every morning. Before the top goes spinning, I take a moment to relax in the most stressful part of my day. It's like a self induced time-out. Which, of course, my head fucking hates. But, the kid having the tantrum needs a break the most. So I do it.

Point is, I manage 20 minutes of something everyday. I don't have kids. If you do, please refrain from saying, "you're so lucky to get time to yourself, what's that like?" You have kids, and that takes focus, I have art, and that takes focus too. We're both creating something we feel contributes. I am a female nearing thirty, so I suppose my brain is a bit defensive on the subject of children.

Back to the 20 minutes. If I break down my day into additional 20 minute increments, what all could I accomplish? Time to calculate.

  1. Working out - 20 minutes (but really 40).

  2. Photography - 20 shooting, 20 editing.

  3. Writing - 20 minutes. Check.

  4. Drawing - yeah, this has usually been the first to go. Really more like 10 minutes.

  5. Podcast - 10 recording, 10 editing. But, maybe making this a weekly thing would be better. I do want to do like a "thought of the day" concept, which would keep it brief enough, with maybe a longer show on the weekends. This is what kept me up last night with excitement, so I'm going to try.

  6. Then all the extra details that make me a better human: cooking, Spanish, music, people.

That is roughly 3 hours of daily routine. 8 hours of sleep. 8 hours of work. That leaves 5 additional hours to dick around! What have I been doing all these years?! That is great news. So, you're saying there's a chance. I was expecting to have to cut even more out, not be left with such a huge chunk of time. Daily podcast update here we come!