Rediscovering old ghosts: writings from our first adventure

WHen it comes to the things that I create, I prefer to bury them. I am a creative perfectionist, and as such, see all the flaws in my work. It pushes me to grow, but it also means so much of what I create is lost. Scrolling through the old pages of this site, I discovered a series I had written about my first adventures with my now husband, Cody. Looking through the work, I still see the flaws - the clunky sentences, and cheesy exaggerations - but, having grown so far from that time, it brings back a bit of nostalgia.

Being the creative person that I am, I have realized that a major aspect of creation is your acceptance of it. You must see your work as what it is, and learn the lessons that it provides. There is nothing more that you can do beyond that - other than grit your teeth a bit, and wait out the storm of doubt that comes. In that light, I wish to re-share with you the writings of our time together as a new couple on our first adventure.Please enjoy thE unearthing of my creative past, in the hopes of a more accepting future!

Let us celebrate the things that we create!

My preparations for the trip had begun years before. I had no destination in mind, just the impulse that one day I would be going on a bike tour.