Rediscovering old ghosts: writings from our first adventure

When it comes to the things that I create, I prefer to bury them. I am a creative perfectionist, and as such, see all the flaws in my work. Scrolling through the old pages of this site, I discovered a series I had written about my first adventures with my now husband, Cody. Please enjoy!

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Quitting Our Jobs and Heading to Colorado: Year in Review, Part II

When our lease ended, it didn't take long for us to begin making lists of places we wanted to move to. Our conversion at this point consisted of taking the furniture we owned and bungee cording it to the bus walls. We had a wooden dresser, a full book shelf, bikes, skis, and could only put the bed in the middle of the bus over the wheel wells. We donated what we considered all the non-essentials, but still had a mountain of things that needed to be organized an put away.

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Our first year living in a converted bus: Year in review, Part I

If you are interested in living in a bus, or a van, or a tiny home, and you are reading this post, then you have already put more effort into researching the lifestyle than we did. In March 2017, we bought a 1999 Ford E-450 v10 shuttle bus. With little in savings, we had a week to move in before our lease was up. 

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