Rediscovering old ghosts: writings from our first adventure

When it comes to the things that I create, I prefer to bury them. I am a creative perfectionist, and as such, see all the flaws in my work. Scrolling through the old pages of this site, I discovered a series I had written about my first adventures with my now husband, Cody. Please enjoy!

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How to Survive a Summer in a Desert without Air Conditioning: Year in Review, Part III

The summer heat gave as a sweaty, suffocating embrace the day we arrived in Grand Junction. Our morning routine became getting up at about 6:30am, making coffee, and walking the 100 yards to the gas station to use the toilet, fill our jugs with ice cold water, and grab a bag of ice for the cooler. At which point, we would have breakfast, and decide what to do once the temperature rose.

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