Embracing Rejection: How Exposure Therapy Ended My Quiet Life

We received a notice that we needed to move our vehicle this morning. Last week I was told I was not allowed to take a photo of someone. You can’t go back there, that’s not allowed. Boundaries pop up in life constantly, causing me to immediately feel shame about the rejection. I would feel embarrassed for having been talked to, or singled out, and my reaction would be to recoil, in order to prevent any future rejection. But, they kept coming. And the more they did, the more I knew I was living my best life. 

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Asked to move. Again.

Last night, we lit incense and closed the windows. Then, began watching some unmemorable show. It was nearing bedtime, so approximately 8pm. We both had beers that evening, and then a knock came to our doors. I say doors because when we push the button on the dash, the two rotating doors open outward. At that moment, a bit of incense smoke came out into the street light and I saw the security guard whom had knocked. 

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