plenty of gravel to ride

I had a strong impulse to keep moving. The river was fast flowing. I listened briefly and immediately began dressing and packing my bike. The air was fresh, clear, the sun was coming up, great, lets go. Cody suggested we go up and have coffee with the guys, and I agreed, not wanting to appear as impatient as I felt. I sat, sipping my coffee as slowly as I could, and must have finished it in a few minutes. I ate two tiny oranges, cuties, what have you, and a clif bar of some kind. Cody happily chatted, and I sat on my hands.

We went over the map again, heading south toward Ripton then more dirt toward Goshen. Instagram follows and thank yous all around, then we were free to keep moving - at last! Now, I've spent time self reflecting on this impatient nature of mine, and as we were walking away from the cabin, I began to relax. I wanted to disappear out on the road. When you are moving, you're free.

The next phase of the trip was meditative and filled with laughter.

The light was flashing past us as we rode through the trees. Our brains relaxed as we only focused on dodging the deep loose gravel, pot holes, and washboard. In this peaceful, moving trance, you can look at things in your life from a calmer perspective. You can make forgiveness's to pasts you have been holding on to. This moment, and so many more are reasons why we will look back on Vermont with reverie.

And then we got back to the road. We singled back up, and stuck to the bike lanes as trucks careened by. The meditation was paused, and we hustled to Killington. I only remember the climb. Hungry and pumping up the hill. I put more energy into silencing my impulse to stop riding, than I did into riding. My eyes darted up to my riding partner and the distance between us, and then immediately back to the six feet of pavement as it refreshed under my front tire.

Killington was pale and without character. There was a supposed ski resort there, but in the summer it was empty. We stopped at a gas station/sandwich shop. I contemplated a chocolate chip cookie, and Cody reminded me it was a stupid thing to contemplate. We took our beers out to the picnic table, and stuffed ourselves. We managed to nearly finish our beers before they gave us the, "you can't consume those on the property" spiel. We didn't budge, finished, Cody pee-d behind the building and that was Killington.

We were 50 miles in for the day. After a bit of highway stretch, we wanted to spend some time on smaller roads. Our plan was to push to Ludlow, and find a place to camp. My lunch lingered for miles, and my semi-coma state had me going in and out of the movement of my legs.

Pumping rhythmic movement towards whatever was next.

It was dark when we got into Ludlow. There wasn't a campsite nearby on the map. We cruised through town and found a dumpster near a gathering of trees. It could work, ya know? That's not bad. I mean, its kinda private. No one would probably notice us. Yeah, then we'll just get up early and jam. No biggie.

Or, we could go back to the grocery store that was up the way, get a bottle of wine, and haggle with the hostel in town for a decent price. So, we did that. We showered, drank, and nestled into our clean bed after a long day.

Thank you Homestyle Hostel for a fantastic night, and the excellent yogurt and granola for breakfast.