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Candice roth


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cody dawson

Question everything, including yourself.

Growing up in Boise, I always had access to open land. that set the stage for who I am today. For a good time I enjoy climbing big hills, throwing away the shit i own, eating vegan soup out of a can, and swimming naked in fresh water. I write to keep from exploding. my unpredictability is difficult for me, but it is also my best quality. Have little represents what i value: less shit, less worry, less need.

- Candi

the risk is the reward.

I'm afraid to be fat again. The bike transformed me, and I'll never go back. my first ride was 7 miles, and i was nervous. thousands of miles later, i appreciate it so much more - the sound, the people, the escape - and not just the punishment. i ride road, mountain, cross, bike, whatever. have little is my race-what-you-brung attitude, and i'm here to show you what to bring. stay rad.