Embracing Rejection: How Exposure Therapy Ended My Quiet Life

We received a notice that we needed to move our vehicle this morning. Last week I was told I was not allowed to take a photo of someone. You can’t go back there, that’s not allowed. Boundaries pop up in life constantly, causing me to immediately feel shame about the rejection. I would feel embarrassed for having been talked to, or singled out, and my reaction would be to recoil, in order to prevent any future rejection. But, they kept coming. And the more they did, the more I knew I was living my best life.

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Oh, the Things You'll Save! How Living in a Bus is Saving Us and the World.

Before we met, Cody and I both fantasized about living in a van. Our reasoning was simple. We are both too fickle for a year lease on an apartment. What a commitment! Bleed us dry! Think round pegs in square holes. It just never seemed right. But, we kept trying to make it work, In the hopes of becoming the adults we might one day be. Until the day Cody and I met. Then we bought the bus 6 months later. 

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Power to the consumer

I have been a Sales Manager in the cycling industry for roughly 5 years. During that time, I have experienced a dilemma - do I support cycling companies under a parent company that is at odds with my personal views?

The company at hand is Vista Outdoors: parent company of Bell, Giro, Blackburn, CoPilot and Camelbak. These are the cycling brands owned by Vista Outdoors. 

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